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The ActiveIP2Country plugin uses an IP-to-country database to determine the visitor's country. In contrast, Piwik normally guesses the visitor's country from his/her browser language and region.

The compact, binary .dat file can be loaded in shared memory (if available). Performance-wise, searches are on the order of 2 ms per query.

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The ActiveProvider plugin enhances the Provider report by using the cross-vendor supported Public Suffix List -- hosted by the Mozilla Foundation -- to more accurately detect second and third level domains for a given top level domain.

The core Provider plugin does not recognize many public second and third level domains. For example, if you get a visit from, this is correctly identified as PROVIDER. But if you get a visit from, it is recognized as, not PROVIDER.

Note: there is a performance tradeoff for increased accuracy. This tracker plugin requires more memory (about 960K more) and increases execution time (including load time) by approximately 50 ms on an ancient Athlon 1.4 GHz processor test box, without APC.

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The ActiveTrack plugin is a server-side tracking API allowing PHP web sites to track visitors in "stealth mode" without JavaScript or web bug tracker images.

Piwik 0.8 is the target version for general availability (aka ready for the masses). Interested users are welcome to experiment with the beta version.

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Minification and Compression

The JavaScript tracking API is contained in piwik.js. The original, heavily commented, uncompressed file weighs in at 28K. Our choice of coding style (non-Prototype) allows the YUI-Compressor to minify the code to 8.3K.

If your visitor's browser and web server support deflate (or gzip) encoding, the static file is compressed and served to your visitors. Don't worry if your web server doesn't support deflate/gzip. You can use the "js/index.php" script to serve a compressed file via PHP.

Another feature of "js/index.php" is its ability to act as a proxy for "piwik.php". Simply replace both "piwik.js" and "piwik.php" with "js/" in your tracking code.

AdBlockPlus + EasyPrivacyList

AdBlockPlus is an increasingly popular Firefox extension to block ads using a set of rules. If a site name or path matches a rule, the content (such as a script or image) is not downloaded.

EasyPrivacyList is an AdBlockPlus subscripton that contains rules to block a variety of well-known web trackers, such as Google Analytics, and yes, Piwik.

However, all is not lost. Because Piwik is a self-hosted solution, you can easily rename piwik.js and piwik.php, and change the tracking code in your web pages to point to the renamed files.

Planet Piwik

This feature is currently in the planning stage. The idea is to allow participating sites to share their aggregated data with a centralized server to generate global stats about visitors.

Refer to the feature request for more information.

Premium Support

VIP Software Technologies Inc. ("VIPSOFT") is an open source software developer and sponsor of the web-site.

As a core developer on the Piwik project, we can help you leverage the power of Piwik, from custom feature development (e.g. plugin) to providing troubleshooting support.

Our code repository is hosted by Visit the ActiveAnalytics project page for more information.